Graduate Opportunities

Graduate Opportunities

Each year Carfax offers a limited number of individual graduate programmes to recent graduates of the world’s leading universities. Each individual programme is structured around a number of specialist tracks. The graduate programme lasts for a minimum of two years and different tracks can be combined within a single programme. Currently the following tracks are offered:

  • Tutoring and consulting
  • Administrative and operations
  • Managerial and entrepreneurial

Each programme offers an opportunity to take significant responsibility early on for one or more business areas as well as an opportunity to rotate between different businesses and offices within the Carfax Group. Most graduates joining Carfax will spend time working abroad in the first or second year of their programme.

Many young people are often unsure about what they want to be doing after leaving university. The Carfax Graduate Programme offers them an opportunity to try themselves in a number of different roles and specialist areas and to develop new professional skills, whilst building up a consistent employment record. On completion of the graduate programme some may progress on to positions of senior responsibility within the Carfax Group and others may choose to leave Carfax with an impressive work experience, proven skill set, understanding of international business, and great employment prospects. Interested graduates should e-mail

In addition to the structured graduate programme, many recent graduates join Carfax every year in the UK and overseas as full-time or freelance tutors. Tutor selection and recruitment is managed by Carfax Tutors and applications sent to are considered throughout the year.